About Us

Middle class Africans have near-zero access to credit options, and where those access exists, they come at cut-throat interest rates. Furthermore, the huge dependence on hard asset collateralization by majority of financial institutions excludes an already poor African middle class. This situation is further amplified by the lack of an existing macro-credit footprint that makes up the credit rating required by financial institutions to extend credit access to customers.

We are providing access to revolving credit for Africans using a cashflow–based credit assessment system with flexible repayment options. Our aim is to help Africans build a verifiable credit footprint while paying everyday bills.

We create a cash profile for you, based on insights from your broader financial picture. Your cash profile is an analysis of your banking history based on factors such as the money you make and the bills you pay. It is what allows us to provide access to a credit card with generous limits and no hidden fees, even if you don’t have a credit history.

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